Cinemax, 2014

The Knick’s menagerie also includes shady hospital administrator Herman Barrow (Jeremy Bobb); young doctors 'Bertie' Chickering, Jr. and Everett Gallinger (Michael Angarano, Eric Johnson); idealistic hospital board chairwoman Cornelia Patterson (Juliet Rylance); and sarcastic health inspector Jacob Speight (David Fierro), who’s a good deal of fun even while tracking down the city’s newly lethal 'Typhoid Mary.'”
Ed Barks, TVWorthwatching.com

“When The Knick does get to delve into those realities of life in the city, whether through the social limbo in which Edwards exists, or the day-to-day of David Fierro’s unflappable health inspector character, or the limits to the freedom Cornelia Robertson (Juliet Rylance) is given in her dealings with the hospital, it sings.”
Allison Willmore and Anne Helen Peterson, Buzzfeed.com

“Cornelia's (Juliet Rylance) role as the Knick's head of Social Welfare takes on an additional resonance, when her father and fiancé presume that this is just a temporary gig before she marries into wealth, and submits to her duties as the arm candy to a rising young tycoon. She's good at her job, and likes making a difference, and these feelings only intensify when she joins Health Department Inspector Jacob Speight (an enjoyably uncouth David Fierro) on an investigation.”
Kevin Jagernauth, Indiewire.com

Shakespeare and Co., 2010

“Fierro is the most broadly physical comic in the company, and he is delightful as the ever smiling Angelo.”
Gailsez.org, Gail Burns

Custom Made Theater Company, 2008

“David Fierro as the hefty helpful nurse takes full charge of the stage as he struts his stuff in 'Poor, Unsuccessful and Fat.'”
SF BAY TIMES, Linda Ayres Frederick

“David Fierro (The Odd Couple, A Midsummer Night's Dream) as the overweight nurse is very good launching into a song about being 'Poor Unsuccessful and Fat.'"
Talkin’ Broadway, Richard Connema

“David Fierro (Richard) helps round out the awe-inspiring actors.”
Beyond Chron, Buzzin Lee Hartgrave

San Francisco Shakespeare Festival,  2007

“The woods are also the place where we meet the rude mechanicals…Together, this band of six -- played by David Fierro, Gary S. Martinez, Lewis Sims, Christina Vecchiato, Mick Mize and Colin Thomson -- presents one of the most amusing versions of the troupe I've seen.”
Contra Costa Times, Pat Craig

“Our mechanicals are vaudevillian in nature—wearing black suits with whitened faces—and perform a perfectly over-the-top version of 'Pyramus and Thisbe' that will leave your belly aching from laughter. The sideshow or animal act of this vaudeville show is represented by David Fierro who delivers a disturbing version of Snug the Joiner. Fierro plays a simpleton who wears a rope leash around his rotundly-postured belly, which is either held by Snout (Mick Mize), or tied to something offstage. On the one hand, Fierro is sweet and endearing to the point of engaging (or forcing) Theseus into a hug after his portrayal of Lion. On the other hand, one must question why this man with a rubber face of expressions must at all times be on a thick rope leash.”  
Playshakespeare.com, Denise Battista

Custom Made Theater Company, 2007

“David Fierro as Joey the Friend is profound.”
Beyond Chron, Buzzin Lee Hartgrave

Custom Made Theater Company, 2006

“Entertaining and complex, Scoop Rosenbaum, played by David Fierro, is obnoxious out the gate. Fierro has to walk a line portraying Scoop. When he and Heidi meet as young agit-prop idealists, Fierro has to convince us not only that Heidi wouldn’t recoil from a world class braggart like Scoop but would actually allow herself to be seduced by him. Fierro succeeds; his Scoop is one of those people, the only thing worse than having him around would be his horrible absence.”
SF BAY TIMES, Ed Browning

“David Fierro knocks his Scoop Rosenbaum out of the park…”
SF WEEKLY, Frank Wortham